Team Building

Team Building At Cherry Country Lodge

5 Reasons to Consider Team Building

  • Team Building allows your employees to network, socialize, and get to know each other better.(which improves productivity in the workplace).

  • Team Building facilitates better communication - activities that promote discussion facilitate more open communication between employees, and managers.

  • Team Building sends a message of value - as most team building exercises are away from the work environment, they show your team that they are appreciated.

  • Team Building helps you to find your leaders - depending on the different types of activities, you may find various individuals taking the lead. Keep on eye on this to see who may aid you in making changes to your business processes and increase efficiency and productivity.

  • And at the end of the building empowers you to have some good old fun.

Tastes of the World

This culinary team-building event encourages friendly competition as teams face off in a cooking competition that will rely on teamwork and creative thinking.  The teams will present their dish to a panel of culinary judges who will judge each dish based on taste, texture and presentation. The team with the highest score wins!

Super Idol

This is your chance to shine. Everybody gets to sing their favourite song.  This is an incredibly fun way to promote team spirit and to let your hair down.  You may discover a talent you did not know you had.

Quiz Show

Motivating teams through our quiz show is great for both teamwork and entertainment, and participants will have a lot of laughs.

Casino Royale

An ideal social entertaining exercise after dinner. We will transform your dinner venue into a casino with roulette tables and card games to test your hand.

Life's full of laughs

The laughter and happiness sessions is an incredible way of energising and connecting people, especially since we are living in extremely challenging times.  It's a good way to keep teams motivated and productive.

Adventure Combo

Adventure activities that include paintball, quad-biking, river-rafting and abseiling which is done all over the country.

Outdoor Beach Challenge

Teams must work together to complete this beach themed fun activity. The winning teams from each challenge will be rewarded with beads. The group with the most beads at the end, wins the day. This challenge can take part at most locations and will promote team communication and improve morale among colleagues.

Fantastic Racing

Max Team Building offers this adrenalin-fueled motor racing event with various packages for the racing enthusiasts, and is an excellent way to build team spirit. Clients will be taught how to drive world-class racing cars, sporting their company logo.

Murder Mystery Dinner

A 'murder' is announced and this gives guests the opportunity to partake in an evening filler with all the fabrication deceit and cover ups imaginable, to establish who committed the crime.

In It to Win It

This is a highly interactive and entertaining team building game whereby teams battle through ten different challenges (blueprints), using household items, with 60 seconds on the clock.

Go-Karting and Paintball

For those that feel the need for speed, get strapped in and experience all the emotions of a real race with all the excitement and glory.

Cocktail Mixology

Gear up for fun, excitement and refreshing cocktails. Teams will be taught the methods of bartending, and the art of mixology, before being put up to the ultimate test of creating some of the classics, and their own cocktail creations.

I wish I could draw like that

Have you ever watched a street artist or caricaturist at work and thought "how do they do that?" or "I wish I could draw like that!" Drawing caricatures at high speed is very challenging, but Max Team Building will make it very rewarding and great fun.  Our caricaturist workshops are carried out in a light hearted manner and will give clients a crash course in caricature drawing.

Family Fun Day

A family fun day designed to offer your employees and their families a relaxing day filled with fun and enjoyment.  It is a wonderful way to thank your employees and their families for their commitment, and to offer personal recognition for their hard work.

Blast from the past

A fun and exciting historic activity where we take you back in time to the colonial era.  This excellent team-building event is filled with a variety of  colonial games, including archery, badminton, boule and a host of other great games.

The Team 100 Challenge

An exciting new team building concept in which all teams are given a certain amount of challenges to complete in 100 minutes. These challenges can be set up outdoors or indoors.

Life's Little Pleasures

Eat and indulge in life's little pleasures, from wine tasting and blending, chocolate dipping and tasting, and other things to expore why life tastes so good.

Escape To Asia

Centre your mind, body and soul and learn the art of Tai Chi, an excellent form of relieving stress.  You can also enjoy the culinary experience of making sushi.

Discipline, Cultural Integration, and Creativity

This forensic scene investigation activity is designed to test your teams' ability to look past the obvious and to work effectively as a team to a deadline. Each team needs to build a case and justify an arrest warrant, proving means, motive and opportunity.

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